Patents As Corporate Strategy: an occasional journal

This site is largely for my benefit: a reminder of lessons learned, ideas that pop-up and things I might have wanted to say at the time, but didn’t. However, I do have an audience in mind for this site: a non-expert, but sophisticated, management that understands the importance of having an IP Strategy (generally) and a Patent Strategy (particularly). So, a lot of what I write, while grounded in my understanding IP law, will be light on legal citation and jargon.

Throughout the Journal, I’ll focus on a few recurring themes, which I think are important to developing, maintaining and adapting an effective corporate patent strategy. Two of these are:

  1. Patents as a corporate strategy ought to align with your business strategy generally. In fact, a patent strategy is integral to your business strategy; and,
  2. IP (such as patents) differs fundamentally from real or personal property. At first, this may seem too theoretical a distinction to have any practical application in a day to day business context, but a clear understanding of these differences is (in my opinion) critical to any effective patent strategy.

I’ll occasionally suggest “A Conversation You Might Want to Have” with your patent counsel, the outcome of which may help focus your patent strategy or highlight an issue that you’ve not considered previously.